At the 103rd REAAA Council meeting in Dubai in March 2016, it was agreed that REAAA would establish a Fellowship Program. The objective of the program is to provide financial support to REAAA members from developing countries to attend REAAA events as a speaker.

At the 111th REAAA Council meeting in Abu Dhabi, Council agreed to continue the Fellowship Program at the 8th REAAA Business Forum, to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in March 2020.

This event is tailored to meet the needs of young professionals in the road industry.

The benefits of the Fellowship Program include:

  • Industry Development: Investment in the Fellowship Program provides a powerful stimulus for the advancement of the road industry in the region. Companies that compete for business in the region will be among the beneficiaries.
  • Tomorrow’s leadership: An investment in the REAAA Fellowship Program ensures that the best and brightest professionals are supported in their ambitions to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.
    • Corporate philanthropy: Many corporate leaders are motivated to support education as a long-term investment in human capital. Supporting the REAAA Fellowship Program provides opportunities to engage with employees while, at the same time, supporting a worthy cause.
    • Networking potential: With rapid globalization, the world is getting smaller and companies need to think globally in terms of their responsibilities and opportunities. As a supporter of the REAAA Fellowship Program, companies have an opportunity to develop long-term personal and professional relationships with young industry professionals who will one day be key industry representatives.

Applications for Sponsorship

REAAA is seeking contributions of US$2,000-$3,000 for each Fellowship from:

  • the organisers of conferences/forums
    • companies who are willing to sponsor members to attend the conferences/forums.

We invite your organisation to be one of the sponsors for this upcoming event.

Please contact the REAAA Secretariat (exec.sec@reaaa.net) for further information.

Applications for Fellowships

All REAAA members who are currently employed in the roads industry in the region are eligible to apply for a Fellowship. Financial assistance of US$2,000-$3,000 will be provided to meet travel & accommodation costs. The criteria for the provision of financial support for attendance at these events are as follows.

  • Applicants must confirm their attendance at the conference/forum.
    • Applicants must confirm that they are giving a presentation at one of the technical sessions or a specialist event such as a workshop or business forum.
    • The selections of the Fellows will be based on current and future contributions to the road industry in the region.

Members wising to be considered for an REAAA Fellowship should contact the REAAA Secretariat (exec.sec@reaaa.net) and submit:

  • a short CV
    • the abstract of the paper that will be presented
    • a copy of tertiary qualifications.
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