Governing Council

The Governing Council of REAAA for the 16th Council Term.

The Management of the Association is vested in a Council comprising the following:

President, Three Vice-Presidents,Two Past Presidents,Honorary Secretary-General and Honorary Treasurer-General.

The Governing Council comprises representatives from the government departments, research institutions, national road associations and individual members of outstanding eminence and long experience in science and practice of road engineering.

Council members to be elected in accordance with Article XIII 1(b) of the Constitution. Special Council members co-opted for specific purposes numbering not more than ten (10) at any one time.

Governing Council 16th council term (2017-2021)

Mr Romeo S Momo
Immediate Past President
Dr Achmad Hermanto Dardak
Past President
Dato’ Sri Ir. Dr Judin Abdul Karim

Vice – President
Ir. Kamaluddin bin Haji Abdul Rashid
Public Works Department (PWD), Malaysia

Vice – President
Mr Hashiba Katsuji
Japan Road Association (JRA)

Vice – President
Mr Michael Caltabiano
ARRB, Australia

Honorary Secretary General
Ir. Haji Zulakmal Haji Sufian

Honorary Treasurer General
Ms Lydwina Marchiela Wardhani


Australian Chapter

Public Works Department Brunei

Brunei Chapter

Indonesian Road Development Association

Directorate of Public & Highway.
The Republic of Indonesia

Express Highway Research Foundation of Japan

Korean Chapter

Korea Expressway Corporation

Malaysian Highway Authority

  Road Engineering Association of Malaysia

New Zealand Chapter

New Zealand Transport Agency

Road Engineering Association of the Philippines

Philippines Chapter

Land Transport Authority Singapore

China Road Federation, Taiwan  

CECI Engineering Consultant, Inc.,Taiwan

Roads Association of Thailand

Co-Opted Council Members.

Mr. Kieran Sharp

Mr Yasumasa Torii

Datuk Ir. Nik Airina Nik Jaffar

PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk
Mr. Destiawan Soewardjono (Indonesia)

Mr Asao Yamakawa

Dato’ Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra
Mr. Hyungpil Jun (MOLIT, Korea)

Mr. Rachman Arief Dienaputra (Indonesia)

Mr. Kwang-Ung Hwang

MIROS, Malaysia

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